Climate action in Africa, a subject of profound importance for the global community, reflects the interconnectedness of our planet’s ecosystems, economies, and societies. This critical issue, however, remains underrepresented in the realm of documentary filmmaking, an oversight that belies the significant role these narratives could play in fostering global awareness and action.

Africa’s rich biodiversity, vital for global ecological balance, and its significant carbon sinks, like the expansive Congo Basin rainforest, underscore the continent’s pivotal role in global climate regulation. Yet, the stories of these treasures and the efforts to protect and expand them are often overshadowed, missing from the mainstream discourse that documentary films could enrich.

The immense potential of Africa’s renewable energy resources to drive sustainable development and contribute to reducing global reliance on fossil fuels is another narrative ripe for exploration through the documentary lens.

The continent’s frontline communities, bearing the brunt of climate change’s impacts, from droughts to floods, embody resilience and adaptation strategies that the world can learn from. Documentary films focusing on these stories could serve as a bridge, sharing knowledge and solutions across borders, and inspiring global audiences.


Produced by STEPS, the project aims to bring together filmmakers, co-producers, film organizations, climate actors and communities across the continent to collaborate on a film collection aimed to catalyse a conversation about climate action responses in Africa.

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