Generation Africa

25 films sharing the lived realities of African youth, the largest youth demographic in the world whose futures will determine the shape of global fortunes over the next few decades, through the lens of migration across 16 Anglophone and Francophone countries of Africa.

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Generation Africa is the fourth collection of documentary films produced by STEPS, a Cape Town-based non-profit media company that works in the documentary space in Africa, and connects filmmakers, broadcasters, funders and community-based organizations through the power of documentary film. This pan-African project looks at the lived experiences of African youth through the lens of migration and consists of 25 documentaries from 16 African countries made by African filmmakers. The films are produced for distribution through AfriDocs and are slated for a global broadcasting event with international public broadcasters led by Arte (France, Strasbourg and ZDF) in June 2022.

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Migration from an African Perspective: African Encounters at DOK.fest München 2022
21 April, 2022
Two Generation Africa films selected for Berlinale 2022
31 January, 2022

Two Generation Africa films selected for Berlinale 2022

Two feature-length documentaries from Generation Africa, a project by STEPS


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